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The Inspection Process

Why do we inspect?

We’ve signed a contract with the owner of your property in which we agree to inspect their property every 3 months.  The purpose of an inspection is to assess the condition of the property, make note of any changes to the condition and report any maintenance issues that may require attention. Many insurance companies require copies of the periodic inspections in the event of a claim so it is crucial that they are done in a timely manner.

How much notice will be given

Legally we need to provide 48 hours written notice but we try to give more where possible.  You will receive a letter in the post with a date and time that we will come through to inspect.  It is not always possible to be there at an exact time so we will give you a window during which time we will arrive.

How ofter will this happen?

We will carry out an initial inspection 6 weeks after you move into the property to ensure everything is going smoothly and deal with any maintenance issues you may have.  From there onwards we will inspection every 3 months ensure that the insurance stipulation of our landlords are met.

What do you need to do?

So we are able to assess the the condition of the property and ensure we don’t miss any maintenance concerns, we would appreciate your help in ensuring the property is clean and tidy.  This will make it easier and far less time consuming to carry of the inspection.

What if I want to be present?

During the inspection you’re welcome to be present but in your absence, we will use your office key for access. If you require any items to be fixed or you would like to draw our attention to anything, you can leave a complete copy of our maintenance request form where your property manager can easily see it.

We often take photographs of maintenance items that we would like to show the owner, we will avoid taking images of personal items but will ask your permission if this is not possible.  We also like to show the owner how well kept a home is and how settled the tenant is but will once again ask your permission to do so.