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Maintenance Request

Reporting Maintenance

All maintenance needs to be reported to us in writing.  If urgent please call your property manager but also confirm in writing as soon as possible.  For non-urgent maintenance either email your property manager or complete the online form below.

Before Contacting Us

There are many situations during a tenancy that can be sorted without the need to contact a tradesperson, so before contacting us please read the following list of common solutions for a possible quick and easy fix.

Please DO NOT attempt to clean new carpet stains without professional advice from a carpet cleaning professional.


Our trusted tradespeople will contact you to arrange access to the property.  We have keys available if you are happy to allow them access without you being present, but please note there may be a call out charge (which you will be liable for) if you fail to  meet a pre-arranged appointment time. Please remember we have worked with our tradespeople for many years.


  • No power (after you have contacted your power company)

  • No water (after you have contacted Watercare)

  • Sewage – blocked drains or seeping sewage (after you have called Watercare)

  • Blocked toilet (if there is no other toilet in the house)

  • Serious water leak

  • Serious gas leak

  • Unsecured premises (after a break-in always call the police first)

  • Alarm constantly ringing

Common Solutions to MaintenanceIssues

No hot water – check that the power switch in turned on at the wall.  If you have gas, make sure there is gas in the bottles. Call you power company to ensure there is no power outage in your area.

Oven not working – If the elements are working but the oven will not turn on make sure the automatic timer has not been switched on by mistake.

Drains blocked – If your shower or sink is draining less quickly than usual it may be because of a build up of soap scum.  Try using either Draino or bleach to free up the pipes.  Just pour a little down the drain and follow it with hot water.  For drains that have a removable catchment area it is a good idea to clear these out on a regular basis, especially if your family in the long haired variety. If your toilet or sink is blocked you can use a plunger first to try and free the blockage. Obviously if the problem persists contact your property manager.

Waste Disposal not working – Make sure there is nothing stuck in the unit, be very careful to ensure it is switched off before checking.  There is also a reset button, usually located on the bottom which may need to be pushed.

Pest Control – We first suggest that you try a store bought product to control the problem.  Also, please ensure that the cause is not because of cleaning issues, e.g. food waste left out.

Light Bulbs – Please check that you are using the correct type of bulb and that they are not of poor quality as they could blow regularly.  If there is already an LED bulb make sure you replace it with the same type.

Garage Door – Please check that the lever near the pull down chord has been flicked back up (this is pulled down to manually open the door) Also check the batteries in your remote control.  If you may need to just reset the remote by removing and replacing the batteries.

Smoke Alarms – Working smoke alarms in a property is of the upmost importance.  Your property’s alarms will be tested prior to the commencement of your tenancy and at every property inspection.  If how ever any of your smoke alarms should start beeping you will need to replace the battery immediately, if it is the kind with a removable battery, or contact your property manager if it has a built in battery.

Please remember that you may be responsible for the cost of the tradesperson if they find the fault or issue to be the tenants responsibility.  In this case the invoice for this call out will be forwarded to you.

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